Welcome to Zimbabwe Spinners & Weavers

After 70 years in textile manufacturing, Zimbabwe Spinners and Weavers and its subsidiaries are still proud to play a crucial role in the cotton to clothing value chain, providing employment for our farmers who grow high quality seed cotton in harsh agricultural conditions, through to our clothing manufacturing industry, which employs thousands of Zimbabweans in both SME’s and large operations. As local manufacturers, we contribute to the welfare of Zimbabwe’s economy as foreign currency can be utilised for more vital goods than importing textiles into the country.

Zimbabwe Spinners and Weavers are Africa’s last fully vertically integrated textile company which has become a specialist in beneficiating Zimbabwean grown cotton lint, which is its main source of raw material.  The group of companies currently processes 500tonnes of lint a year and turns out nearly 5 million metres of fabric.

Zimbabwe Spinners and Weavers and it’s subsidiary Glendale Spinners have won exporter of the year in the textile sector consistently for the last 10 years.



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